"I love this sleeveless dress, but I don't want to have bare arms" 

I absolutely LOVE FASHION – as an artist, I see fashion as another wonderful form of creative expression and a way to present yourself to the world. When I would wear sleeveless and strapless tops and dresses, I just did not feel comfortable, so I would try wearing a sweater or jacket but then that would end up covering that beautiful look of my dress or outfit or even worse it sometimes triggered a HOT FLASH! From talking with my sisters and girlfriends, I knew others felt this way too. So, whatever reason for not wanting to go sleeveless-whether it's for modesty, warmth, or work related rules - I was determined to create a new kind of cover-up that would make all of us women happy!

This dilemma prompted me to think out of the box. I had tried having a tailor sew sleeves I designed into my sleeveless clothes. While I received many compliments on my outfit - this was expensive and I couldn't change them up. What I needed were independent, interchangeable sleeves that would flatter anyone's arms without making them too hot or ruining the look of the outfit! Trying to think of a solution I started sketching ideas and then bought a mannequin to play with cutting, pinning and draping so I could find a solution that would not only cover up my arms but would also enhance whatever I was wearing. I created so many prototypes over four years, and would wear each one, constantly testing and revising until I came up with the most versatile, beautiful and comfortable versions I truly believed in.



SLEEVEY WONDERS is my unique multi-patented invention that solves those problems, and gives the illusion of being part of my top or dress! I have had so much fun creating SLEEVEY WONDERS with the mission of making quality products in America at affordable prices for women of all ages and sizes.

You can wear every style of SLEEVEY WONDERS under anything from a casual tank top to professional attire and even fabulous gowns. They give the illusion of being part of your top or dress, covering your arms without covering your outfit. Perfect for travel, you can pack one little black dress and pair it with different styles of Sleeves Wonders to create multiple unique looks. Some Sleevey Wonders even conceal tattoos! Expand your wardrobe with all our mix and match options! And remember - most SLEEVEY WONDERS are reversible - with a low side and a high side and can be worn with either side in front or back! I want you to have a ball creating new sleek and stylish outfits from items you already own in your closet, or take SLEEVEY WONDERS shopping with you and discover a whole new world of fashion possibilities! I hope you find many uses for SLEEVEY WONDERS and grow to love them as much as I do.

Ruthann Greenblat 
Artist, Designer, Inventor


The headline could read: "Female artist recovers from near death and being bedridden for years with complications from Lyme Disease and Stevens Johnson Syndrome, to become a patent holding inventor and entrepreneur, staking a claim in the American Dream."

The real story is, of course, more complex with years of heartache and struggle. I always believed I would get well one day, and I imagined and sketched ideas for paintings about hope, and emergence, both of which I completed on large canvasses, once I was strong enough.

I have such deep gratitude for all of you who have nurtured and supported me through this birthing process. I also want to thank you, my new customers, for giving us a chance to beautify your arms, and transform your wardrobes.

All my best, Ruthann



    Contained, repressed, forbidden far too long, I yearn to fly and dance among the stars. I emerge, newborn, ready to create the day.

    Original oil painting, 30" x 40"

  • HOPE

    Like a sunflower, hope seeks the light, finding its way out of darkness. Hope is innocent, always believing in possibility, even in the face of fear. Nurture hope, and it will blossom, move us forward and bring our dreams to life.

    Original oil painting, 30" x 40"


    You are not alone windows and doors are everywhere allow yourself to be still to be open to see and be seen

    Original oil painting, 36" x 48"


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