Criss-Cross 3/4 Sleeve Black Jersey

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Introducing the Sleevey Wonders™ Brand NEW Criss-Cross arm sleeves in Black Jersey. This arm sleeve transforms any sleeveless top or dress into something new and trendy! You wear it under an open neckline (scoop neck, V-neck, etc.)  sleeveless top, dress or tee, in any color or print, and voila! You have a stylish and subtly sexy look that you can wear again and again to create new outfits with all your sleeveless! Like most all our Sleevey Wonders™, this is reversible – you can turn it around and wear the criss-cross in the back, if you have a scoop back top or dress! So soft and stretchy!
    Four-way stretch gently hugs & slims your arms; there are no shoulder seams, so they look like they're part of your top or dress.

    • To show less cleavage, turn your Sleevey Wonders around & have instant coverage
    • Jersey Material: 95% Rayon, 5% Spandex
    • Camouflage your arms and expand your wardrobe


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